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Windsor Laurelwood Center

35900 Euclid Ave., Willoughby, Ohio, OH 44094
United States

Adult behavioral health, Child/adolescent behavioral health amd Addiction recovery

Phone: 440 953 3000
Fax :440 953 3344
41° 37' 35.6412" N, 81° 25' 55.3584" W


Do whatever you have to avoid

Do whatever you have to avoid this place, this is the worst facility I have ever had to deal with as a parent. This place has boys and girls on the same floor and the kids share rooms which I feel is a TERRIBLE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!! This place is more like a jail then a treatment center. The staff does not tell you whats going on with your child until a few days before discharge. They make parents feel like there in the dark with what is going on there. If you have the opportunity, go to FAIRVIEW. At least there they believe that parents are a part of the healing process and visiting in NEVER a problem, unlike Laurelwood. Whatever you do, AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. I will NEVER EVER recommend this place or EVER let my kids go back there. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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